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Sturovo_1-300x125Štúrovo , the Town of Sun and water! Meet the most southern town in Slovakia . Town of Štúrovo offers a rich program for both residents as well as tourists for example: cultural events ( rag , anniversary of the opening of the bridge Maria – Valeria, concerts, the traditional fair Simon and Juda , etc … ) in the town Štúrovo and its vicinity is a really wide range of attractions : Municipal Museum , City Gallery , ship cruise on the river Danube, cycling routes, fishing, hiking, St.Imrich church from the 18th century built in Baroque style , which is located in the city center just 100 meters from the pension Elite***.

The recreation complex Vadas Thermal is the name of the entertainment area , which was built overVadas_1-300x125 30 years. 3 decades history has brought significant changes , the number of changes accrete especially the last 10 years . In the year 1973 first geologic wells were drillen. Construction of the thermal resort began in 1976 and two years later already submitted the first pools. The complex was gradually equipped with buffets, bungalow accommodation and in 1983 with a hotel. Parking sites, information office and other attractions were built.

Kovacov_1-300x125Kováčov hills is a popular site for tourists and scientists with rich flora and fauna, natural attractions which have unique scientific value .Hike to the top of the hill Burda (388 m) is a great adventure , because it does not lead via a marked path . After a stroll through meadows with a view to the Danube river, trail enters the forest and continues along the ridge together with a nature trail of Kováčov hills – south.The starting point of the trail is Kamenica nad Hronom or Kováčovo . A big valley leads to town Chľaba where you can see 300 years old wine cellars .

Cathedral of Our Lady and St. Adalbert, or Esztergom Basilica, the classical church in Esztergom.Bazilika_1-300x125 It is a residential Cathedral and the Hungarian primate of Esztergom – Budapest diocese . It is the largest church of Hungary and one of the largest churches of Europe in global scale In 1543, the original basilica was destroyed during the Turkish wars. After leaving of Turkish troops the Esztergom Archbishops planned the construction of a new cathedral , but the construction has only started to Alexander Rudnay in 1822. The architect of the impressive building was Pál Kühnel and János Packham. Construction was completed by Archbishop John Scitovsky on 31st August 1856. The final construction was completed only in the year, 1869.

Maria_valeria_1-300x125Mária Valéria bridge, 509 meters long , connecting Sturovo with the Hungarian Esztergom , was built in 1895. The retreating German troops blew upthe bridge in 1944. For the period of socialism there wasn´t an agreement between neighboring countries to reconstruct the bridge .The cities Štúrovo and Esztergom established a ferry , which was carrying cars and people between two cities. The bridge was finally reconstructed on 11th of octobre 2001.